Arctic Circle Mission Statement


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Posted 27/06/2017 20.00 hrs

Our corporate vision is to exceed our customer’s expectations ethically and responsibly

Arctic Circle office block with sun

We are a privately owned British manufacturer of innovative low carbon solutions for the heat transfer market in its broadest sense, including compressors, refrigeration systems, heat recovery, chillers, thermal storage and heat pumps. We are committed to raising standards within our industry and take a long term view enabling us to make the decisions and investments necessary to keep ahead of our competition.

This strategy has created an industry leading business in terms of our people, our products and our services.

Our corporate vision is 'To exceed our customer's expectations ethically and responsibly'.

To do this we believe we need :

  • To be the customer’s choice
  • To motivate and reward our staff
  • To profitably grow

Together with our staff we have agreed a set of values to guide us in everything we do :

  • Unity - As a company we support each other, we are loyal to one another
  • Integrity - We consistently do what we say we will, honestly, reliably and responsibly
  • Agility - We can change and adapt quickly to our customers needs
  • Ethical - We are moral, principled and fair in everything we do
  • Open & honest - We openly share our opinions and views with each other
  • Mutual respect - We respect each other’s views and opinions
  • Environmental - We work to use less of our planet's natural resources
  • Enjoyment - We enjoy what we do and take pride in the contribution we make